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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Bad...

After realizing there was almost a one year lapse in between posts, something had to be done. 
So, here's what I've been up to.

In the name of maintaining some kind of productivity, I've started photographing many everyday moments using my phone. It isn't always practical to bring my camera everywhere and there are definitely places I would just rather not take it. And newsflash: Apparently, TSA doesn't really appreciate a photographer in their terminals. In the name of stealth, I've resorted to a camera phone to capture a few fleeting moments.

And for those skeptics, I still very much regard what I do via an iphone app just as much art as I do shooting on my Nikon. I only mention it because it's been called into question. I figure, so long as technology keeps advancing, I might as well screw with it and see what turns up. Any idiot can buy a fancy camera but not everyone can actually produce.....something.

Most are collective moments throughout the day; nothing earth shattering, just a snow storm or water droplets on a wall. But it's the desire to keep working, even if it's photographing the peripherals of the day, that lead to something bigger, more substantial. It's a reminder that the most insignificant things can be made important by just merely paying it some attention.

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