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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Slight Deviation: Cutthroat Society at Charlie's Kitchen

Cutthroat Society
(Boston, MA based band)
Location: Charlie's Kitchen, Cambridge, MA

Although the majority of my work centers around abandoned locations, I deviated slightly on the night of March 1, 2010. What better to do with a typically mundane Monday night than check out some local bands? Having worked all day behind a bar, I decided it was high time I ended up on the other side of the bar: the correct side, that is. The one where I get to DRINK beer instead of serve it. I digress.....

Cutthroat Society, a Boston based band, evokes sounds reminiscent of 80's punk and thrash metal. reviews their sound as combining "strong rhythms, raw energy, and uncompromising lyrics. Although the band itself is new, collectively its members have played over a hundred shows." Fronted by my fabulous brother, Johnny Counselman, the band also consists of Peter Micanovic (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Zach Veaner (Bass) and Tom Luzaitis(Drums). Cutthroat Society's sound takes their cues from the best of their musical influences, yet has a sound uniquely their own.

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