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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

South Common Ave Church, Lynn

Location: Lynn, Massachusetts
Abandoned Church, circa mid 1800's.

The day took a very frustrating turn when it was discovered the long abandoned greenhouse in Middleton, Mass. was no longer. After many muttered expletives at my GPS, it became clear to me that the CVS parking lot I had stopped in was what used to be "Franks", the supposed still standing greenhouse facility on 114.

Frustrated, the almost 2 hour drive that followed led me back through Lynn and onto an extremely old and dilapidated church. Gigantic. Enormous. The very disturbing part was that the property was littered with dead animals. Very, very odd.

The only promising way into the church is through a side door, barely attached to its hinges and nailed shut by a flimsy piece of plywood. Not having come prepared and running out of daylight, this excursion will have to resume on another date. However, the parts of the church I did have access to were fairly photogenic. The side alley, though carpeted with trash, held another avenue in which to enter but the loud screams from the adjacent housing complex, with NO TRESPASSING scribbled all over it, where enough to deter me any farther. Though I was only able to grab a few shots, it's definitely promising on a future date.....and equipped with a hammer and flashlight.

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